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City of Humble Fire Department Fire EMS Division

The Humble Fire Department-EMS Division has a staff of 18personnel. The staff consists of an Assistant Fire Chief: Billing Clerk, and 16 Shift personnel divided into 3 shifts working 24-hours on and 48-hours off. Each Shift has an EMS Supervisor. Eleven of the personnel assigned to the EMS Division are cross-trained and certified as Firefighter/Paramedics. The remaining Shift personnel are Paramedic certified only. The Department staffs 3 Medic Units 24 hours a day and has a fourth fully equipped Medic Unit that can be placed in service when off-duty personnel are available and a need for the unit exists. Humble Fire Department Medic Units are registered with the Texas Department of Health as Mobile Intensive Care Units (MICD) and are equipped with the necessary equipment to provide the highest level of care available outside the hospital setting. The Medic Units are required to be staffed with a minimum of 1 Paramedic and 1 EMT-Basic. Humble Medic Units are usually staffed with 2 Paramedics.

In calendar year 2003, Humble Medic Units responded to 2219 calls for service. Over the past S years, the EMS Division has seen an 8-10% increase in call volume.

Public Information Request Form

Please use the form found at this link to request EMS Medical and Billing records.  The form can be emailed to the address on the form. Please do not fax.  Please make sure a medical release from the patient is attached.