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City of Humble Fire Department Apparatus

Engine l

Staffed 24 hours a day, the Humble Fire Department's newest pumper is this 2009 1500 gpm Ferrara Igniter powered by a Cummins diesel with an Allison transmission.  This unit was designed to be more reliable than previous models opting for manual systems where possible over more problematic electrical components.  It is also more compact while still maintaining ample space for the large array of firefighting, rescue, and advanced medical equipment required of smaller fire departments.

Equipment includes:

750 gallon water tank
20KW Harrison Generator
Portable Hurst "Jaws of Life" extrication tools
9000 Watt Willburt Nightscan Light Tower
Zoll defibrillator with 12 lead capabilities and AutoPulse assist with cardiac arrest
6 Scott Airpacks and a Thermal Imager
Hand tools, ground ladders, hose, etc.

Rescue l

This apparatus is a 1992 Spartan Chassis with a SuperVac body.

Equipment includes:

On-board extrication Tools
12KW Generator
Confined Space Rescue Equipment
Cribbing for Extrications, Haz-Mat supplies, High angle Rescue Equipment
Cascade System

Ladder l

This apparatus is a 2002 Model 2000 GPM American Lafrance Eagle 100' Platform.  This very specialized truck is one of only a handful in the Houston area.  Many different capabilities are obtained by having this unit at the department’s disposal including multiple large volume elevated water streams, rescue of mid-rise buildings, and high angle rescue.

Equipment includes:

bullet Breathing air
bullet 2000 GPM Pump
bullet 350 Gallon Water Tank
bullet 10KW Hydraulic Generator
bullet Portable Extrication Tools
bullet Full Complement of Ground Ladders
bullet Nozzles, Appliances, hose, and necessary hand tools

Cascade Pickup

This is a 1999 model F-350 Super-duty crew-cab with a General utility bed.

Equipment includes:

bullet Bauer on-board 5000 psi breathing air compressor

Engine 11

This apparatus is a 2000 American Lafrance 1500gpm Pumper.

Equipment includes:

bullet 20KW Generator
bullet On-board extrication tools
bullet 9000 Watt Wilbert telescoping light tower
bullet Hand tools, ground ladders, hose, etc.

Medic Unit 327 (Medic 1)

This Type I ambulance is a 2009 model Dodge RAM 3500 chassis with a Frazier built body.  The Frazier bodies allow the department to re-chassis the units every few years.  The body, being built of high quality aluminum, can last for over a decade only requiring refurbishment when a new chassis is placed underneath. The units also have a generator which supply power to the rear air conditioner and reduces the large electrical load which normally overloads the chassis’ alternator and batteries. All of the ambulances at the Humble Fire Department, when in service, are licensed as Mobile Intensive Care Units and staffed with at least one Paramedic.  Being equipped identically, all of the units have state of the art equipment required to treat cardiac emergencies, strokes, trauma, and any other emergencies that might arise on a daily basis. 

Some equipment includes:

bullet Zoll 12 lead Monitors which include defibrillators, pacers, and end tidal capnography
    Stryker hydraulic over electric stretchers
    Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machines

Medic Unit 328 (Medic 2)

This unit is a 2005 Ford F-350 with a Type 1 Frazer built module.

Medic Unit 329 (Medic 3)

This unit is a Type I ambulance. It is a 2003 Model Ford F-350 chassis with a Frazer built body.

Medic Unit 331 (Medic 4)

This unit is a Type I ambulance. It is a 2000 Model Ford F-350 chassis with a Frazer built body. .  This unit is a ready/reserve.  It is used as M-2 once a week and as a replacement for any other unit if they are taken out of service for maintenance.

Antique Fire Engine (1937 Ford / Seagraves)

This was the first real fire apparatus purchased by the City of Humble Fire Department on 7/31/1937.

Engine 2

This apparatus is a 1996 Model 1500GPM Pierce Saber Pumper.

C-l (Fire Chief)

This is a 2004 Model Ford Expedition.

C-2 (Assistant Fire Chief / Suppression)

This is a 2009 Model Ford Expedition.

C-3 (Assistant Fire Chief / EMS)

This is a 2004 Model Ford Expedition.